What People are Saying

“Carri is amazing yoga and fitness teacher. I had the chance to take both her Yoga and CORE fitness classes at the Yoga Shala as well as in the parks outdoors in Innsbruck. Although some of the exercises were super exhausting, Carri always made it seem easy with her motivation and her good mood. She used to say she’s not a Drill Sergeant which was definitely true because she taught in such a fun way that classes went be too quickly. Thanks for making me wake up at 7 AM and get some workout in before heading to work. Really going to miss our Tuesday Core classes.”

Ines, Austria

“I regularly went to Carri’s CorEnergy class and just loved it! It improved my overall fitness level. Thanks to Carri I can now do 7 minutes planks, which I never thought I could do! Plus, her positive mindset is contagious! Innsbruck is missing CorEnergy with Carri on Tuesday mornings!”

Carina, Austria

“Carri taught me to be the best yoga teacher I can be. A wonderful teacher, motivational and inspirational. I look up to her and love learning from on her. I have studied with her in Greece twice and Costa Rica.”

Shelley, Costa Rica

“Carri is a great teacher. She is powerful, strong, full of encouragement and positive strength. Carri taught me through my 200 hrs yoga teacher training and I really enjoyed all the time I got to spend from her and learn from her. She is knowledgeable and has a passion to share this knowledge. Her interest in the anatomy is infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed all of Carri’s classes, and her introduction to Pilates was great. Carri has a deep interest in core stability. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to any lucky aspiring yogis.”

Rowena, Italy

““Carri is not only a great Yoga teacher, she also knows what people need and has the special ability to make everybody feel important!””

Kurt, Costa Rica

“Carri’s magic is in her ability to make yoga accessible for everyone. She can adapt her teachings to the most advanced or most novice student. I look to her as a mentor for advise on yoga and life and she seems to always be available even when travelling the word. Carri is simply amazing!”

Mattie, Costa Rica

“Carri’s good mood and motivation made me wake up energized and happy every Tues & Thurs morning! I always came to class with lots of motivation, knowing she would be there with a smile. The exercises were excellent and having trained some muscles that had been dormant, I became a stronger climber after a few months of CORE Fitness!”

Anna, Austria

“I recently had the unique opportunity to study for 3 weeks with Carri. She has an uncanny ability to stretch you to your limits while supporting your exactly where you are. You’ll laugh and cry, question and learn, and come away with a clearer focus and sense of purpose.”

Barbara, Italy

“I met Carri on a month long Yoga teaching training course in Kerala back in 2011 and I immediately warmed to her. We were room mates and she was the most kind, straight talking, helpful person I could have wished to share that month with. I learned valuable travel tips from her, she was a true motivation to focus and study when needed, and always with a light hearted laugh.”

Ruth, India

“I was lucky enough to have 200 hours teacher training with Carri in 2015. I wish I could do it all over again! Loved it! She is an excellent teacher and a lot of fun to be around.”

Lisa, Greece

“Lucky for me, Carri was my first yoga instructor. I liked her immediately, but experiences with other teachers have only increased my appreciation for her. Initially, she’s friendly, encouraging, and clear in her description of postures and movements. She maintains a challenging tempo in her classes, but tempers the physical challenge with the right music, plenty of positive encouragement, and the occasional light-hearted story to make you smile. Her classes guarantee an atmosphere where any student can find better physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional health. As my practice progressed, I knew I could trust Carri to help me reach beyond what I thought were my limits. Give her a chance and she’ll improve your life, both on and off the mat.”

Josh, Philadelphia

“Carri is an experienced teacher who delivers a perfect blend of both body and mind elements in class while offering a fun and playful experience. She is relatable, personable, and someone you will leave class wanting to be friends with.”

Jenna, Chicago

“Carri was my teacher for 200-hour YTT. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga, and teaching is clear, concise and second nature for her. She is highly skilled in both Ashtanga and Vinyasa teaching.”

Cameron, Greece

“I miss Carri in Philadelphia! She really loves what she does, and it makes the class that much more enjoyable. She encourages her students to try new things (inversions & arm balances), and offers lots of options. Also great music!”

Julia, Philadelphia

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